Tesla Cox

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Tesla Cox

Director of Shareholder Services

Tesla Cox serves as the Director of Shareholder Services where she is responsible for overseeing Goldbelt's 3,700 shareholders and ensuring they receive the best customer care. Tesla began her career in Goldbelt's Career Development Program as a Corporate Communications Intern. In 2013 she was hired as the Corporate Communications and Shareholder Services Assistant and was promoted to Shareholder Relations and Communications Specialist in 2014.

Tesla’s experience also includes working as the Public Relations - Community Outreach Coordinator for Tlingit Haida Regional Housing Authority. She graduated from Northern Arizona University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Advertising with minors in Graphic Design and Cultural Anthropology.

She is a Goldbelt and Sealaska shareholder. Her Tlingit name is Kheil’teen and she is of the Raven moiety and Deisheetan (beaver) clan. Her clan house is The Raven House of Angoon.